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Alan Waldie - Painter
The 09 Joze Show
6th - 13th September
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Alan Waldie was always supposed to be a painter or an artist. In his early days he must have shown some sort of promise because he was packed off to Farnham School of Art. At the tender age of thirteen he struggled to grasp what his teachers were trying to drum into him. But after two or three years he drifted into the world of advertising where he did at least grasp that particular nettle and enjoyed considerable success in that strange, murky, glossy, superficial world.

Forever guilty about forsaking his first love, applied arts, he did at least apply some of the knowledge gained at art school by producing some of the most elegant and groundbreaking pieces of work around. His work is still highly regarded, spoken of and is well worth a second look ( view ).

Forty five years later after his glittering and lucrative career in advertising, he was able to resume his dream of becoming a painter. This required determination, application and a little knowledge, Tutorials, anguish and jealousy followed his attempts. Although his advertising work broke the rules and was invariably quite startling his painting has followed a much more predictable, yet safer path.

He has unashamedly revisited the fifties and dare not even state his influences for fear of ridicule, but relishes the fact that applied art is still thriving.

Anyway he struggles along, ploughing his lonely furrow and looks forward to the day when his groundbreaking attitude to his adverts will blossom into his paintings.

We eagerly await the next phase.

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